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Virtual Personal Training

Now you can have a Certified Personal Trainer train you virtually in the comfort of your own home!

How It Works

Step 1: The initial consultation allows your trainer to understand your current health, fitness,  goals and lifestyle factors. This will help allow your trainer to determine your best workout plan.  The consultation is an informal discussion and is done by video chat.

Step 2: Using the information from the consultation & assessment, a personalized home workout program is created with your specific goals in mind. The workout program will help keep you motivated getting you results in the quickest time possible. 

Step 3: Check in via video chat or phone to discuss past weeks workouts & nutrition.  Check ins add accountability and can really enhance results at a massively discounted price compared to meeting with a trainer in person.  

Virtual Training Highlights

What You Get When You Sign Up

  • Virtual Home Workout Sessions: Designed with your individual needs, goals and level of fitness in mind.

  • Nutrition Meal Plan: Healthy nutritional guidance designed with your goals in mind

  • Workout Calendar: Workouts are scheduled around your lifestyle & work schedule.

  • Progress Monitoring: Send your weight & measurements as well as pics to track your success.

  • Weekly Check-ins: Check in via video chat or phone to discuss past weeks workouts & nutrition.

Virtual Training Rates & Accepted Payment Options


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